Scholars Awarded Ph.D through  EEE  Nodal Centre

Supervisor Name Student Name Title of Thesis Public Viva-Voce Exam Date
Dr.K.Mala Shanthi Saravana. B (Reg no: 1324399127) Analysing the technical feasibility of nongrid connected renewable energy for large scale desalination applications 27.04.2021
Dr.K.Mala Mr.K.V. Thilagar (Reg no: 2011173053) Certain investigations on fuel cell powered two phase interleaved boost converter with voltage multiplier for water pump 02.11.2020
Dr.R.Karpagam Mr.T.Thandapani (Reg no: 10910421066) Modeling and control of Vienna rectifier 05.5.2017
Dr N. S. Bhuvaneswari Mrs. Sumathi (Reg no: 20094012011) Noval approach for measurement and simulation for GPS receiver signal accuracy 15.07.2015