Nodal Center – Registered Candidates Details

Sl.No.  Name of the Supervisor Name of the Candidate Reg.No. Ph.D / M.S Full Time / Part Time Year of Registration Status
1 Dr.K.Mala Nancy Mercy 1324399127 PhD Part time Jan-17 Course Work
2 Dr.K.Mala Mr.S.Amose Dinakaran 17143991238 PhD Part time Jan-17 Confirmation Completed
3 Dr.K.Mala Mrs.D.Chandrakala 21244991461 PhD Part time Jan-21
4 Dr.R.Karpagam Mr.S. Jayandiran 1612399182 PhD Part time Feb-16 Confirmation Completed
5 Dr.R.Karpagam Uthirapathi D 1614599124 PhD Part time Mar-16 Confirmation Completed
6 Dr.R.Karpagam Suganthi S 17243991227 PhD Part time Jul-17 Confirmation Completed
7 Dr.R.Karpagam Lydia J 18243991259 PhD Part time Jan-18 Confirmation Completed
8 Dr.S.Sobana Mrs. M. Indhumathi 1524339828 PhD Part time Jul-15 Synopsis Completed
9 Dr.K.Kalaivani J. Gnana ArunJohnson 19144991132 PhD Part time Jan-19 Confirmation Completed