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In recent years India’s automobile market is growing very rapidly, thanks to 100% FDI allowed by the Indian government. Though the number of vehicles on road increased many fold, not much is being done to ensureroad safety. In India, there is one accident for every minute and one death for every three minutes due to road accidents. Road safety is not only the concern in India but also globally so much so that UN General Assembly adopted a resolution in 2010 to declare 2011 – 2020 as the Decade of Action for road safety. According to the Transport Research wing of Indian Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, 42% of road accidents are caused due to over speeding. Out of it 30.3% the accidents are caused by people in the age group of 15-24 years. Curbing of over speeding of vehicles is a highly challenging task for traffic police. They are using speed guns to book the violators. However this measure demands large manpower. In this scenario, we designed a device to prevent the over speeding of vehicles and thereby the accidents caused due to over speeding. Speed Zap automatically governs the speed of vehicle and intimates the driver with a warning message if the proposed speed limit is crossed and the vehicle is made to halt for few minutes if the limit is crossed besides sending an SMS to any GSM number. The SMS with the vehicle number could be sent to the Traffic control room automatically once the driver of the vehicle surpasses the speed limit. SMS can also be sent to anxious parent’s mobile number if they want to monitor their ward’s driving. As it will enable to generate the data on speed violators automatically and centrally, it will help tremendously the traffic control authorities to monitor & trap over speed vehicles and avoid unnecessary accidents caused due to rash driving.

-N.Rohit Srinivasan IV Semester, EEE- B Section, Easwari Engineering College.

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