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ESKI Guard

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With the advent of more swanky shopping malls and multiplexes in India, more and more escalators are being installed for transporting people between different floors of a building. Due to its large capacity in transporting people and no waiting intervals, they have become a much preferred mode of transport within multi storey buildings. In India, many railway stations are also being provided with such facilities. However they have become a notorious spot for deadly accidents when the passengers or their clothes get entrapped in the gaps between the moving parts of an escalator. Escalator accidents can cause severe injuries and horrible death. It can result in medical trauma for survivors due to loss of one or multiple body parts. Three fourth of escalator accident victims are alarmingly children. Not only children but women wearing saris, dupattas and aged people are the potential risk group in escalators. None of us can forget the escalator accident happened in Feb 2012 at city centre Mall of Banjara Hills, Hyderabad where a four month child slipped from Mom’s hand and got crushed by the escalator as her mom’s sari got entangled in the escalator. In order to prevent such ghastly incidents, the Eski Guard can be used. The Eski Guard is an electronic device which will stop the escalator automatically on detecting any entrapment between its moving parts thereby avoiding the passenger being dragged under the moving parts and getting crushed. The response time of our device is in milliseconds hence it can prevent catastrophe in escalators.

-N.Rohit Srinivasan IV Semester, EEE- B Section, Easwari Engineering College.

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