Academic Year : 2017-2018      
S.NoName of the studentClassEventAward / Prize wonName of the organization
1Anand.RIV/ABasket ballIII PrizeZonal Basketball Tournament, Mohammed Sathak, Chennai.
Academic Year
S.NoName of the studentClassEventAward / Prize wonName of the organization
1.  Amitha SII/A100 Meters GirlsI PrizeEEC
2.  Amitha SII/A200 Meters GirlsI PrizeEEC
3.  E.IndhumathiIV/ADiscuss throw Aadukalam’17I PrizeEEC
4.  Manimala MIV/AJavelin ThrowII PrizeEEC
5.  Manimala MIV/ADiscuss throw Aadukalam’17III PrizeEEC
6.  Varsha C SathishIV/BThrow BallI PrizeEEC
7.  Nisha BIV/BThrow BallI PrizeEEC
8.  Ramya VIV/BThrow BallI PrizeEEC
9.  Reshma KIII/BThrow BallI PrizeEEC
10.  Prarthana PillaiII/BThrow BallI PrizeEEC
11.  Preetha PII/BThrow BallI PrizeEEC
12.  Aishwarya Y VIII/AThrow BallI PrizeEEC
13.  Manimala MIV/AThrow BallI PrizeEEC
14.  Nivetha R SIII/AThrow BallI PrizeEEC
15.  Sonia MIII/BThrow BallI PrizeEEC
16.  Sowmiya SII/BThrow BallI PrizeEEC
17.  Monica BII/AThrow BallI PrizeEEC
18.  P.VaradharajanIV/BVolley BallIII PrizeEEC
19.  Vignesh MIV/BVolley BallIII PrizeEEC
20.  Madhankumar . RII/AVolley BallIII PrizeEEC
21.  Ayyappan. CII/AVolley BallIII PrizeEEC
22.  Dheeraj Abilaji SIII/AVolley BallIII PrizeEEC
23.  Kiran Siddarth SIII/AVolley BallIII PrizeEEC
24.  Vignesh MII/BVolley BallIII PrizeEEC
25.  Sriram AIII/BVolley BallIII PrizeEEC
26.  Praveen PIII/BVolley BallIII PrizeEEC
27.  Kishoreviruzad RII/AVolley BallIII PrizeEEC
28.  Arvind Raj RII/AVolley BallIII PrizeEEC
29.  Arun Prasath R AIII/AVolley BallIII PrizeEEC
30.  Siva Prakash SIII/BKabbadiIII PrizeEEC
31.  Sham Sundar RIII/BKabbadiIII PrizeEEC
32.  Vijayaragavan MIII/BKabbadiIII PrizeEEC
33.  Yokesh KIII/BKabbadiIII PrizeEEC
34.  Naveen MIII/AKabbadiIII PrizeEEC
35.  Naveen GIII/AKabbadiIII PrizeEEC
36.  Adithya BIII/AKabbadiIII PrizeEEC
37.  Adhityan JIII/AKabbadiIII PrizeEEC
38.  Srirajasugan RII/BKabbadiIII PrizeEEC
39.  Mohamed Fazil HIV/AKabbadiIII PrizeEEC
40.  Shantha Kumar SII/BKabbadiIII PrizeEEC
41.  Naresh SIII/BKabbadiIII PrizeEEC
42.  Adhityan JIII/AKho KhoIII PrizeEEC
43.  Naveen GIII/AKho KhoIII PrizeEEC
44.  Muthu Veerappan RIII/AKho KhoIII PrizeEEC
45.  Adithya BIII/AKho KhoIII PrizeEEC
46.  Kiran Sidharth SIII/AKho KhoIII PrizeEEC
47.  Varun SekarI/BKho KhoIII PrizeEEC
48.  SukumaranI/BKho KhoIII PrizeEEC
49.  HarishI/AKho KhoIII PrizeEEC
50.  MonishI/AKho KhoIII PrizeEEC
51.  Yashwanth K SI/AKho KhoIII PrizeEEC
52.  ManikandanI/AKho KhoIII PrizeEEC
53.  Arun Kumar AI/AKho KhoIII PrizeEEC
54.  Naveen GIV /A4x 100 Mtrs RelayIII PrizeEEC
55.  Moish .VI /A4x 100 Mtrs RelayIII PrizeEEC
56.  Kiran Chandar NIII /A4x 100 Mtrs RelayIII PrizeEEC
57.  Naveen MIV /A4x 100 Mtrs RelayIII PrizeEEC
58.  Aarthi S KIII AFoot BallII PrizeNational Inclusion Cup
Academic Year : 2015-2016
S.NoName Of The StudentClassEventAward / Prize WonName Of The Organization
1.  M.ManimalaIII/AShot-Put Aadukalam’16III PrizeEEC
2.  M.ManimalaIII/ADiscuss Throw Aadukalam’16II PrizeEEC
3.  M.ManimalaIII/AThrowball Aadukalam’16I PrizeEEC
4.  E.IndhumathiIII/ADiscuss Throw Aadukalam’16III PrizeEEC
5.  E.IndhumathiIII/AShuttle Aadukalam’16II PrizeEEC
6.  P.AnupriyaIII/A400 Meters Athletes Aadukalam’16II PrizeEEC
7.  Meenu Balika RI/II/AVolleyballII PRIZEEEC
8.  Varsha.C.SathishIII/BBadmiton Aadukalam’16III PrizeEEC
9.  Varsha.C.SathishIII/BThrowball Aadukalam’16I PrizeEEC
10.  Varsha.C.SathishIII/BVolley Ball Aadukalam’16I PrizeEEC
11.  Varsha.C.SatishIII/ BBasket BallI PrizeMohan Memorial Trophy
12.  Varsha.C.SatishIII/BBasket BallI PrizeUniversal Sports Club
13.  Varsha.C.SatishIII/BBasket BallIII PrizeAnna University Zonal
14.  R. AnandI/ABasket BallIV PrizeKCG
Academic Year : 2014-2015
S.NoName Of The StudentClassEventAward / Prize WonName Of The Organization
1.  Aarthi S KI/AFoot BallBest Goal Keeper AwardFive-A-Side One Day Football Tournament
2.  ManimalaII/AJavelin ThrowIII PrizeEEC
3.  ManimalaII/AVolley BallI PrizeEEC
4.  Aarthi S KI/AVolley BallI PrizeEEC
5.  Varsha C.StahishII/BState Level Tournament (Basket Ball)III PrizeS A Engineering College
6.  RR Deva KeerthanaIV/AState Level Tournament (Basket Ball)III PrizeS A Engineering College
7.  AkileshIII/AState Level Tournament (Foot Ball)IV PrizeS A Engineering College