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eee hod
DesignationProfessor & Head
E-Mail Idhod.eee@srmeaswari.ac.in
Area of specializationSpecial Electrical Machines
AboutDr.E.Kaliappan graduated in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from, Madras University Chennai. He secured his M.E. in Applied Electronics in Dr.MGR University and Ph.D from Anna University Chennai. He has more than 15 years of teaching experience in various reputed institutions. He is a member of IEEE and has life-time membership in ISTE and IAENG. His main area of interest includes special electrical machines, control system and applied electronics. He has published number of papers in National and International Conferences and Journals. He is a recipient of DST Young Scientist Award in 2010. He has received grants from CSIR and DST.
Contact Number044-4392 3027Intercom Number3027

S.NoNameDesignationQualificationArea of specializationIntercom Number
1.        Dr.E.KaliappanProfessor & HeadM.E., Ph.D.,Special Electrical Machines3027
2.  Dr. R. KARPAGAMAssociate Professor M.E., Ph.D.,High Voltage Engineering3137
3.    Mrs. M. DEVA BRINDHAAssociate Professor M.E., (Ph.D)Power Systems Engineering3027
4.Mr.P.MARISH KUMARAssociate ProfessorM.Tech., (Ph.D)Power Electronics And Drives3027
5. Mrs. D.CHANDRAKALAAssociate Professor M.E.,Applied Electronics3027
6.Mrs. J. LYDIAAssistant Professor M.E.,Power Electronics And Drives3138
7. Mr. K.V. THILAGARAssistant Professor M.E., (Ph.D)Power Electronics And Drives3027
8.Mrs.K. A.INDU SAILAJAAssistant Professor M.E.,Power Electronics And Drives3027
9.Mr. P. PUSHPAKARTHICKAssistant Professor M.E.,Power Electronics &Drives3027
10.Mr.V.VIJEESHAssistant Professor M.E.,Power Systems Engineering3027
11.Mrs. R. KEERTHANAAssistant Professor M.E.,Power Electronics And Drives3027
12.Ms. B. PONKARTHIKAAssistant Professor M.E.,Power Electronics And Drives3027
13.Mr. G. VIGNESHAssistant Professor M.E.,Power Electronics And Drives3027
14.S.P.Baby ShynelaAssistant Professor M.EPower Electronics And Drives3027
15.Mrs. M. LavanyaAssistant Professor M.TechPower Electronics And Drives3027
16.Ms. A. SiddarthanAssistant Professor M.EPower Electronics And Drives3027
17.Ms. R. AgathaAssistant Professor M.E(Ph.D)Power Electronics And Drives3027
18.Mr. Rahul. PAssistant Professor M.TechPower Electronics And Drives3027

S.NoNameDesignationQualificationArea of specializationIntercom Number
1Dr. K .MALAProfessor M.E., Ph.D.,Renewable Energy3025
2Mr.S.VijayakumarAssistant Professor M.TechEmbedded System Technologies3027
3Mr.Subash Chandra BharathiAssistant Professor M.TechPower Electronics And Drives3027
1Mr.S. GUHANMProgrammer26.11.198817.01.2013
2Ms. M. SUVITHAFProgrammer19.12.198101.12.2014
3Ms. G. BHARATHIFProgrammer14.03.198523.06.2017
4Mr. N.SWAMINATHANMLab Asst.10.01.196703.08.2017
5Mr. P. MURUGANMLab Asst.10.03.197823.09.2017
6Mr. NEELAKANDANMLab Asst.03.06.199501.06.2016
8K. KARTHICKMLab Asst.09.11.199002.06.2014