Toppers (2017-2018)

Second Year
2310616105077SIBI GOWTHAM K8.293
5310616105012BENEDICT ELIGIUS.J8
7310616105011BHARATH SRINIVAS.B.7.74
11310616105066RINI JOHN7.59
Third Year
1310615105047MOULIESHWARAN R8.9
2310615105079SHRIVATSAV V V8.74
4310615105053PARVATHY G8.5
5310615105063PRIYADHARSHINI K8.4
6310615105017ATSHAYA N8.38
7310615105034KEERTHANA V8.35
8310615105015ASWIN B Y8.35
9310615105072SANGEETHA M8.31
10310615105057PRARTHANA PILLAI8.3
Final Year
10310614105048MAHESH KANNA B7.732
S.NoConducted DateClassTopicGuest detailsPO & PSO Mapping
115.09.2017IV BRecent trends in numericalMr.S. Selvakumar, project specialist engineer,PO12,PSO3,PO8,PO6,PO7,PO1,P05
protection systemmicro grid and distributed generation, ABB Global industries Ltd
212.09.2017IV APower Scenario and Grid ManagementEr.P. Murugavelan, Assistant Executive Engineer, State Load Despatch Center (SLDC)PO12,PSO3,PO8,PO6,PO7,PO1,P05
324.08.2017III BPower Generation in Indian GridMrs.Jothi Ammal. K Assissant Executive Engineer,SLDC,TANGEDCO,PO12,PSO3,PO8,PO6,PO7,PO1,P05
44.08.2017II A“Industrial Applications on Electronics”Mr.K. Senthil Kumar, Project Advisor, Electrical Engineering project division, National Small IndustriesPO12,PSO3,PO8,PO6,PO7,PO1,P05
Corporation government Limited,
528.07.2017III A“Power Evacuation Studies For LargeMr.S.Berwin Ajo, ElectricalPO12,PSO3,PO8,PO6,PO7,PO1,P05
Scale PV Solar Grid Connected System”Engineer,PRDC Private limited,Bengaluru
Academic Year: 2016 – 2017 (EVEN SEMESTER )
S.NoConducted DateClass TopicGuest detailsPOS Mapping
142807II A“ Modern Digital Instruments And Its Methods Of Instruments ”Mr.G.Vijaya kumar,control Engineer, Excel automation solutions private limited,PO12,PSO3,PO8,PO6,PO7,PO1,P05
242789IIB“Working Structure of GIS for 110KV and 400KV substation” Mr.V.Kamal , General Manager, power Tech group of companies, ChennaiPO12,PSO3,PO8,PO6,PO7,PO1
342791III B“Generator Protection”Mr.V.Satish Kumar, Project Engineer, Enmas GB power systems projects limited,ChennaiPO12,PO1,PO6
442794IIIA“Power system operation s and security” Mr.T.Narayanan , Manager, power plant desalination company, Chennai PO12, PO1,PO6
542808IV A“Design of solar power plant (20KW) for power generation”Mr.P.Veeramuthu, Senior Engineer, Green Perl Electronics private limited,PO12,PSO3,PO8,PO6,PO7, PO1
642807IVB “Series compensation for boosting transmission capacity” Mr.V.Karthikeyan , Control design Engineer,ABB Global private limited ,PO12, PO1,PO6
Academic Year: 2016 – 2017 (ODD SEMESTER )
S.NoConducted DateClass TopicGuest detailsPOS Mapping
142619II AIntegrated Circuit Fabrication Technology And Special Diodes And Its Characteristics Mr.Kannan.SPO12, PO1,PO6
System Engineer
Embware Technologies and component private Limited
242579IIBApplications Of Static And Time Varying Electromagnetic FieldsDr.Anbarasan.RPO12, PO1,PO6
Senior Engineer,
Power Gear private limited
342597III ADesign Of Solar Inverter Of 1mw ElectricMr.Sivaguru,PO12,PSO3,PO8,PO6,PO7, PO1
Deputy Manager
Parker private limited
442637IIIBOcenaic Energy ,Fresh Water And Its ApplicationsMS.Hemavathy.A Scientist NIOT ChennaiPO12,PSO3,PO8,PO6,PO7, PO1
542635IV A,ME,I(PED)Design And Applications Of Protective Relay In Power SystemsMr.Saravanan.E Senior power system Engineer General Electric Private Limited ChennaiPO12, PO1,PO6,PO5
642636IVB, ME,II(PED)Design Of Micro Electro Mechanical Systems And Its ApplicationsMr.Gandhirajan.S System Design Engineer Limited Petrofac Private Limited ChennaiPO1,PO6,PO5 PO12
Academic Year: 2015 – 2016(EVEN SEMESTER )
S.NoConducted DateClass TopicGuest detailsPOs Mapping
17.3.2016III A“Advanced Communication Engineering ”Mr. ArunVijay,PO12, PO1,PO6
27.3.2016III B“Advanced Communication EngineeringTeam LeadMicroWave operations,NokiaNetworks , Chennai
328.3.2016IV A&ME(PED)“Recent trends in renewable energy resources-wind power generation ”Mrs. Gomathi.S,AEE, TANGEDCO, Head Office, Anna salai ChennaiPO12,PSO3,PO8,PO6,PO7, PO1
430.3.2016II A“Transmission line modeling and mitigation of problems in transmission lines and cables”Mr.V.Kesavan, AEE,TRANTRANSCO, Guindy, ChennaiPO12,PSO3,PO8,PO6,PO7, PO1
52.4.2016IV B“Coordination of FACTS controllers and its applicationsMr.S.Rubanjayasingh ,Design Engineer ,ABB, Global services and solutions private limited ,ChennaiPO12, PO1,PO6
616.4.2016II BDesign And Testing Of Power Transformers And Its ApplicationsMr..T.Thandapani Director ,RRK Electro Power Private LimitedPO12, PO1,PO6
Academic Year: 2015 – 2016(ODD SEMESTER)
S.NoConducted DateClass TopicGuest detailsPOs Mapping
142214III AAdvanced microprocessor, microcontroller and its applicationsMr. Parthiban Senior physical design engineer, NVIDIA Graphics Private Limited BangalorePO12, PO1,PO6
242218IV ARecent trends in power system protection and switch gearDr.D.Santhoshkumar Deputy general manager-R&D, Competance Centre,AlsthomT&DdiaLimited ChennaiPO12, PO1,PO6
342240IV BRecent Trends In Power System Operation And ControlMr.S.Prakash Assistant Executive Engineer, E&C Department ,LDC,MountRoad,ChennaiPO12, PO1,PO6
442261IIA & IIB ,IIC I & III ME(PED)“ Industrial Electronics and Devices ”Mr.K.Senthil Kumar, Technical Consultant National small industries corporation (Govt of India) ChennaiPO12, PO1,PO6
542273III B“Recent trends in power plant Engineering”Mr.S.Santha Kumar, Plant Engineer (Operations), Valuthur Gas Turbine Power Station ,Tuticorin (Govt of India) ,PO12,PSO3,PO8PO6,PO7,PO1
Academic Year: 2014 - 2015 (EVEN SEMESTER)
S.NoConducted DateClass/SecGuest DetailsTopicPOs Mapping
142089III A and III BMr.S.Suresh Embedded Engineer Visteon Technical services centre ChennaiMicroprocessor, Microcontroller and its applicationPO12, PO1,PO6
242079IV A Er.V.R.Ramakrishnan, Rtd Deputy General Manager, BHEL, TrichyPrinciples Of MHD Generation, Cogeneration And Distributed Generation PO12, PO1,PO6
342052IV B &I,II ME(PED)Mr.R.Subramani , SeniorDesign Engineer, Coastal Energen private Limited, Chennai “Smart Grid and FACTS” PO12, PO1,PO6
442069II BEr. V. Karunakaran, M.E., Executive Engineer / Operation,400KV Sunguvarchatram“Design of 410KV Substation and Transmission System”PO12,PSO3,PO8,PO6,PO7, PO1,PO5
542040III A and III BMr.Santhosh, Assistant Engineer,Technical and Mrs.Fathima Nargis, Project Engineer, Steinbeis Solar Research CentreIntroduction to Solar Photovoltaic System”PO12,PSO3,PO8,PO6,PO7,PO1
642026II AMr.A.RajKumar Senior Design Engineer, L&T Private Limited, Chennai“Recent trends in transmission and distribution”PO12, PO1,PO6
Academic Year: 2014 - 2015 (ODD SEMESTER)
S.NoConducted DateClass/SecGuest DetailsTopicPOs Mapping
141837IV AMr.A.Nallasivan Senior deputy manager, TEDA,Chennai.Energy Scenario And Grid OperationsPO12,PSO3,PO8,PO6,PO7, PO1
241864IIAMr.D.Karthick, Design Engineer, Hexsourcetechnology Chennai.Applications Of LIC in control equipmentsPO12, PO1,PO6
341855IIBMr.D.Karthick, Design Engineer, Hexsourcetechnology Chennai.Applications Of LIC in control equipmentsPO12, PO1,PO6
441873IIIAMr.E.Sathyamoorthy, Application Engineer, Technocrat Automation, ChennaiIndustrial automation using PLC &SCADAPO12, PO1,PO6
541873IIIBMr.E.Sathyamoorthy, Application Engineer, Technocrat Automation, ChennaiIndustrial automation using PLC &SCADA PO12, PO1,PO6
641907IV A & ME(PED)1 st &II YearMr.L.Saravanan , Design Engineer, SAIPAM, ChennaiElectrical Engineering in Petro Chemical Industries PO12, PO1,PO6